unnameable infinities

Alex Tseng (alextseng@rocketmail.com)
Sun, 9 Nov 1997 20:50:36 -0800 (PST)

Hi guys, this is my 2 cent worth on this infinity
Thanks for all the contributions,....
I do feel rather heady now, so thanks for the hyperlinks
to CH pages,...that helps,....I did read Rudy Rucker's Infinity
and the Mind,... a another heady; giddy affair again for me...
I'd like to agree that there is no way for proving the CH
to be either true or false, a la Godel ; which states if we construct
a proof that is either incomplete or inconsistent...and dealing with
infinities, I have no expirence,...can anyone shoot me down?
to show that a proof construct to prove or disprove CH will
be either incomplete or inconsistent,thus a never-ending story
( just like this discussion on INFINITIES seems to heading towards
some infinite point....hey hey hey )

So I want to throw a spanner in, if I may,...about unnameable
infinities or numbers,...which also appears in RR's books,...
where a number can never be described given even the entire
universe as a coding system or extentions etc etc....and even for
a given inifinite amount of time to describe it in....

Can the 'reciprocals' of such numbers exist within the real number line?
If so, these numbers obviously 'infinite' in number,...( hopefully I'm
to say ; the number of such 'things' are larger than the transcendentals
; the number of transcendentals obviously 'infinitely' larger than the
irrationals....!!! ) I think I better stop here before I wander into
the firing squad line,...One can almost imagine the quantum mechanical
nature of space-time itself as a analogy to exploring ever-increasing
smaller intervals on the real line,....like the space-time continuum
it hits some kind of 'Planck's Limit' and become a fractal mess of
'uncertainity' ?!??!? ( Planckian-like limit is these unnameables )

Am I making any sense here,...Let me try to put it in another way...
a quasi-layman approach,... to say just like the Quantum Physics says
that we cannot determine exactly one property of a particle without
losing the accuracy of another property of the same measured partical
...can be said to be analogous to Godel's Incompleteness theorem
which says one can never generate a complete theory without
inconststencies and vici-versa.....!!!
So just like adding one to one equals two on paper
is actualize by puting one apple beside another making 2 apples....!

Does Godel put a limit to what we can actually say about CH and
other related matters,....I think it does ?! Pls help out
( if so put a limt to this discussion on Infinities or mine !? )

Not to lose sight of our extropian objectives, is how these
infinities or INFINITIES will even affect our extropian objectives
or put limits or no limits to our objectives,....

Still reeling

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