Re: HUMOR: Culture-like shipnames

Michael Lorrey (
Sun, 09 Nov 1997 06:20:48 -0500

The Low Golden Willow wrote:
> Ship and Station names for the Clade, showing economic and ecological
> values, sort of: (the Clade is my vague vision of a property and market
> oriented Culture like society in our solar system in the next few
> centuries. Culture-like in associated autonomous space habitats, AI,
> engineering of humans, lots of education and tolerance and wealth, etc.
> Inspired by Freeman Dyson. I need more ecological names.)
> Stations:
> Cynical Optimism
> PR Gimmick
> Insert Brand Name Here

You could use Heinlein's space station name "The Golden Rule"
(he who has the gold, makes the rules...)

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