Silva method

Wesley Schwein (
Sat, 8 Nov 1997 17:51:49 -0500 (EST)

Does anyone on the list know anything about the Silva method? I have found
plenty of their own claims and advertisements (, among
many others) but haven't been able to find any critiques. URLs, magazine
articles, books?

I ask because a friend of mine, very close but unfortunately very
sentimental and insufficiently skeptical, is convinced of the method's
efficacy. He claims that he has been able to learn a lot of useful,
non-supernatural abilities such as waking up without an alarm and going to
sleep on cue, enhanced concentration, etc. This I am prepared to accept.
He also claims that he and other participants of the classes can perform a
diagnosis by looking at a picture. Naturally he had an emotional account
of how one of the other Silva students focused on a picture of his
grandmother (or may just her name; I forget) and came up with pancreatic
cancer. My god, that's what she has! He further claims the diagnosis
was not arrived at by a "warm... warmer... hot..." line of guessing. I
don't buy it, but it's hard to tell a friend "You're deluding yourself."
He's also seen ghosts...

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