Re: Transparent Society

Damien R. Sullivan (
Fri, 7 Nov 1997 13:13:27 -0800 (PST)

On Nov 6, 5:05pm, Wei Dai wrote:

} > Actually, Brin posits that it will simply happen, driven by technology.
} > Cheap, small, mobile cameras; quantum computers; advances in cryptanalysis.

} 1. Privacy becomes more costly so only the rich and powerful will have

He thinks tech favors the spies. Also, it would become more clear that
they were trying to hide something, and they'd attract more attention.
He didn't address this too directly that I remember, though.

} 2. Those who control the surveillance technology/infrastructure will use
} it for their own purposes instead of giving it away to everyone. Are we
} supposed to expect the government to install all these cameras and then
} allow everyone to use them?

Amazing. I must be imagining the Freedom of Information Act, all those
cheap cameras on the market, or that commerical spy satellite someone's
putting up. Give it away? "Their own purposes" can consist of selling
the technology to everyone. And I don't find it implausible that the
gov't would make public camera data public if the public wanted it. We
do live in something like a democracy, after all.

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