Re: Re: The Copy Paradox
Thu, 6 Nov 1997 14:26:17 -0500 (EST)

>>Now, back to the original question, which copy is you? I think the problem
people have with this question is the word "You". We continue to follow that
"self-identity related to a single body" concept when thinking of words
"I", "Me", etc. That concept is no longer tenable in this situation. The
answer in my opinion is that BOTH copies are "You". Copy A is what you would
be like after spending a year in NYC, Copy B is what you would be like after
spending a year touring Mongolia. Both experiences would appear to be
valid, meaning Copy A is not a "better" approximation of you and Copy B is.<<

If we follow someone like Dan Dennett's theory(that there is no Cartesian
then perhaps neither copy is "you" because there was no "you" in the first
Perhaps each physical entity would continue to persue it's goals and
desires while philosophically the question of a Cartesian "I" becomes
meaningless--like the concept of "God" or "The beginning of time".