Re: some remote viewers reviewed

Mark Crosby (
Thu, 6 Nov 1997 09:26:21 -0800 (PST) wrote:
> Before you get hypnotized by pseudoscience

Knee jerk reaction (I'm tempted to say that's typical
of Skeptical Inquirers, but that would be just
another knee-jerk response ;-) Speed-reading can
have the danger that one just notices key words and
misses the context. Damien Broderick is hardly
someone hypnotized by pseudoscience if you've
followed most of what he has posted to this list.

Thanks Damien for a very interesting post:
I had tried to read some of Ingo Swann's Web essay
but found it as inpenetrable as a remote-viewer's
report ;-) Lyn Buchanan's Web site is another story,
particularly his critique of the Utts and Hyman report.

I'm not saying I 'believe' in this controled remote
viewing stuff, but neither do I dismiss it on
principle. It's interesting precisely because any
serious falsification of it is likely to teach us a
lot about both the human mind and quantum uncertainty.

Mark Crosby
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