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How To Make People Hate 'The Authorities' _On Principle_

( Also please see 'For Your Own Good", Alice Miller , Virago [1987] ).

"America's at an awkward place right now. It's too late to 'work
through the system', and too soon to _shoot_ the bastards." -- Claire

(Actually, I dare say that many of the Framers of the American
Constitution would have cheerfully and speedily _shot_ those criminals
responsible for attacking Shirley Allen in such a manner. Is the
language of .50-caliber _gunfire_ the only language which bullying
criminals masquerading as 'the authorities' actually _understand_
anymore? We must hope not... BTW: Cui Bono? "Follow The Money...").

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> Here is an update on the 39-day long "Roby Ridge" seige in Illinois,
> wherein a lone 51 year old widow held off the entire Illinois State
> Police. They tricked her out and it's 'over' now, but many questions
> remain. Thought you'd like to know about this.
> Ken

Date: Wed, 05 Nov 1997 16:36:57 -0600
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Subject: Roby Ridge Siege Ends.

Roby Ridge Siege Ends. Now we must:


"We must never forget how Illinois State Police Trampled the U. S.
Constitution and The Bill of Rights in Roby, Illinois"

By WebToday Staff Writers

Saturday, November 1, 1997, 3:15 p.m. Central Time USA

ROBY, ILLINOIS (November 1, 1997)-- After being assaulted over the
weekend with nine canisters of police pepper, Shirley Allen was long
overdue for some fresh air. After all, Illinois State Police gave their
word they would not use force any more on her, so perhaps 51-year-old
widow Shirley Allen believed them. But when she stepped out of her home
and on to her porch a group of grown men jumped out of the
bushes, shot her in the chest with hard rubber bullets, and tackled her.

Certainly these bullies couldn't be from the police, could they?

They certainly were. On Thursday, October 30, 1997, the longest police
siege in Illinois history ended on day 39.

From that point on it was rather routine. Just as Jack Nicholson fought
the good fight against Nurse Ratchet in One flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
only to be given electroshock treatment to the point of becoming a
compliant vegetable, so Shirley Allen was involuntarily committed to the
mental wing of St. John's Hospital for "psychiatric evaluation."

What will become of Shirley Allen only God knows. Having absolutely no
history of violence, Mrs. Allen's only blemish on her record is a ticket
for running a stop sign. Yet her case is sealed and not available to
reporters or the public.

Associate Judge (not even a full judge) David Slater issued a court order
(not even a warrant) for the involuntary commitment of Mrs. Allen during
a hearing she not even allowed to attend in a flagrant end run around the

For over 30 days of the siege Mrs. Allen was deprived of food, water,
electricity, heat, telephone, clergy visits and legal counsel. During
that time she was was subjected to day and night psychological warfare,
the likes of which could have put any sane person over the edge,
including 6 grenades of tear gas, 9 canisters of pepper gas, and a
cowardly dog attack (that the resourceful Allen countered by
mercifully shooting he dog through the nose rather than killing it).

Beyond that, police for many successive days assaulted Allen with sleep
deprivation techniques including waking her every 15 minutes day and
night with electronically amplified voices and blaring music that was so
loud neighbors could hear it two miles away. It was a miracle she
survived the prolonged torture that eclipsed limits imposed by the Geneva
Convention for humane treatment of prisoners of war.

Have the citizens of the United States now become the enemy? How is it
that government officials have the right to risk driving an allegedly
suicidal woman to the brink of suicide? The sad fact remains that we may
never know how much of Shirley's current mental condition was a direct
result of nearly of a million dollar taxpayer financed obsessive war game
waged against a single citizen by Illinois State Police Director Terry

Several glaring questions remain during Shirley Allen's closed door
"evaluation." Have we learned anything from the 39-nine day siege? Who
will tend Mrs. Allen's mortgage free 46 acre estate? Who will receive the
royalties from the oil well on her property? What happened to Mrs.
Allen's Certificates of Deposit (in excess of $100,000) she inherited
from her deceased husband? Will any legislator submit legislation to
reform mental health laws in Illinois? Will Terry Gainer be dismissed
or promoted?

We must never forget how Illinois State Police trampled The U. S.
Constitution and The Bill of Rights in Roby, Illinois from September 22
until October 30, 1997. We must Remember Roby. We must Remember Roby.
We must...

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Practical action steps that may be taken on behalf of Shirley Allen:
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* Call St. John's Hospital, Springfield (217-544-6464) and ask to speak
with Shirley. If denied access, ask for the attending physician. Ask
them to take into consideration that Shirley had no record of aggressive
behavior prior to the siege, and that she has been through sleep
depravation and denied water for over a month, and that any sane person
might exhibit less than stellar mental health after that ordeal.

* Ask to speak with Shirley's appointed lawyer and ask if he would
work with Jerry Spence or any other capable lawyer (or pro se advisor)
who is willing to help her.

* Call Illinois Attorney General Jim Ryan to allow Shirley to choose her
own lawyer, and a psychiatrist rather than state employees who may be
beholden to the establishment.

* Contact Gubernatorial Candidate George Ryan (Currently Secretary of
State) to intercede on behalf of Shirley.

* Call Sangamo County Associate Judge Robert Hall. He is the new
judge who is involved now. Judge Slater is a Christian County Judge. Now
Shirley Allen is incarcerated in a psychiatric wing of a Sangamon County
Hospital. Judge Hall will set time and date of a sanity hearing against
Shirley. He also will appoint a lawyer for her. He has enormous power
for an Associate Judge (not even a full judge).

* Demand a jury trial for Shirley. It's her right according to Illinois
law. The catch is that she must request it and she probably doesn't
know it's her right. Ask the judge if he's notified her of that right.
If not, ask him to notify her of that right immediately.


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