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Subject: Fw: CNN's "Ian Goddard Plot"

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|Subject: CNN's "Ian Goddard Plot"
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| (c) 1997 Ian Williams Goddard
| I've tried to decisively extricate myself from my TWA 800
| inquiry, but it seems that CNN and the gov't don't want me
| to go. CNN is spreading gross misinformation on television,
| indicating that I said my inquiry into TWA 800 was part of
| a "sham" and a "plot." That is FALSE!! I've always promoted
| what I believe, and now I believe promoting the Navy-missile
| theory was a big mistake! I believe that the evidence is not
| sufficient to blame the Navy and I wish to move away from
| that and all areas of conspiracy inquiry forever. But I
| never said my inquiries were a "plot" or a "sham."
| Christine Negroni with CNN contacted me a few days ago to
| ask about my change of direction, I did not contact her.
| CNN reports now suggest that I said my conspiracy inquiry
| was part of a "plot" (a secret scheme) to do damage to
| the government's reputation. That's 100% FALSE !!
| My only crime is honesty. I'm honest enough to admit,
| as I have for months, that my inquiry into TWA 800 was
| an effort to identify untruth in the government. I have
| a fact-based bias against government, I'm a libertarian.
| My webpage was entitled "Anti-Authoritarian Journal,"
| identifying my bias up front, unlike most sources.
| Such up-front honesty is NOT a "plot," as CNN attempts to
| portray it. The fact is that anything that is labeled what
| it is up front is by definition NOT a plot. I'd say CNN
| has a bias for the gov't line, however, does CNN label
| its journalism "Authoritarian Journalism?" No.
| I did not invent nor am I to blame for the fact that 150+
| witnesses reported having seen something fly upwards and
| explode at the spot TWA 800 was. That there were such wit-
| nesses, up to 154, has been widely reported in the media.
| CNN just reported in reference to me:
| Joe Lychner of Houston, who lost his wife
| and two daughters in the crash, told CNN
| that Goddard and Salinger owe an explana-
| tion to the American public.
| The basis of the missile theory are the witnesses, and I
| did not invent the witnesses. If anyone owes America an
| explanation for the missile theory I think it's the wit-
| nesses, not me. All I did was report what they said and
| commit the error of theorizing that maybe that fiery
| thing shooting up was a Navy missile and the Navy is
| covering it up. I also did not invent the Navy-missile
| theory. My explanation for that theory is that the Navy
| is known to have many missiles and is known to be off-
| shore where the plane crashed. However, an inventory
| showed that all Navy missiles were accounted for...
| OK fine, I'm ready to move on, but it seems they aren't:
| National Transportation and Safety Board spokesman Peter
| Goelz told CNN that my re-reporting of witness accounts
| and theorizing that the Navy was at fault has done "real
| damage" and "caused innumerable people great agony." Wow!
| It seems I'm a human monster of immense proportions.
| I am sorry for that, yet it would seem that the fault
| lies in part and primarily with the major media for ever
| having reported the witness accounts in the first place.
| I then made the mistake of suggesting that the Navy may
| have been at fault and is covering it up, which I now see
| as a mistake, for I could be wrong and if I'm wrong I've
| impugned the reputations of America's finest, which is
| something I should not and do not now want to do, and
| for which having done in the past, I am very sorry.
| I don't know what happened to TWA 800, and at this
| point I don't care! I just want to be left alone and
| no longer harassed by the major media and others over
| the TWA 800 case. I'm sorry I thought the Navy did it.
| It was a mistaken thought. I'm sorry my thoughts have
| "caused innumerable people great agony." I'm a humani-
| tarian and have been a vegetarian for 19 years because
| I want NOT to cause suffering to any living being.
| I've never published anything I thought was false. I
| even published errata notices when required. All claims
| I've made were meticulously referenced so that readers
| could check up on what I said for themselves. Providing
| not just referenced information and ideas but all the
| links necessary to access the larger body of information
| about the case is what made my reports so popular and
| what made this little guy the focus of world news.
| My plan has been to end my "war on the Establishment."
| Wanting to move on from conspiracy theory and set a new
| course, I asked Doctor David Stern, who hosts the DEEP
| TIMES webpage, to remove my conspiracy reports. However,
| due to CNN's misleading charges that I've admitted to
| having been engaged in a "plot" and thus that I will-
| fully attempted to mislead people to believe what I
| knew to be false, I have requested that David Stern
| temporarily replace all my reports so that people can
| judge for themselves if I was the liar CNN suggests.
| It will take David some time to get the reports back
| up, but when they are up you can access them directly
| at: http://www.copi.com/articles/Goddard or indirectly
| at: http://www.copi.com/articles/. Please check the
| first site within the next few days.
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