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Have a look at Chris R. Tame's superb analysis of 'The Prisoner',
originally published in Samuel E. Konkin III's 'New Libertarian',
and re-published as a reprint by the Libertarian Alliance. Chris is
hereabouts on the Extropians List.

'The Prisoner' was conceived by George Markstein [MI6], and
exemplifies the conflict between the foreign-intelligence mindset,
which encounters the State as obstacle/target/mortal enemy, and the
internal-security types, who see 'defending the status quo' as
the primary objective. MI5 exists to prevent _any_ kind of radical
change in the 'United Kingdom.' No wonder Russell got excluded!

In the US, it's the FBI. Look at the way that notorious
serial-killer J. Edgar Hoover murdered, tormented and destroyed
radicals of every kind. Frances Farmer, Jean Seberg,
anarchists, individualists, the list goes on and on and on...

The FBI is an _appalling idea_ -- combining counter-espionage and
policing functions was the structural basis of the Nazi and Soviet
States. Inevitably, they start thinking 'we know better than the
politicians', then they cease to 'serve' and instead aspire to rule.

Hoover had _vast_ media and political 'assets' to work his fell will.
Ferinstance; Nixon ('Emperor Palpatine') was his creature. Ditto
half the 'Republican' Party. He hated CIA, as a rival to his
Sauron-like power-grabbing. Howard Hunt said there were two kinds
of people he'd never met in 20 years in CIA; one was an assassin;
the other was a fellow-Republican! >:-}

(Hunt designed the 'Watergate' scam to bring down Nixon, BTW. Yo!).

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