PROPOSAL: New list focusing on mind, brain, and intelligence

Mitchell Porter (
Thu, 6 Nov 1997 00:36:41 +1000 (EST)

I would like there to be a transhumanist discussion list which
focuses on topics like:

- Intelligence augmentation
- Neuroscience, connectionism, brain modification
- Artificial intelligence, uploading, superintelligence
- Philosophy of mind
- Relevant issues from computing (e.g. distributed computation,
new computational media, etc.)

In other words, everything to do with minds, brains, and

I want such a list because this is such a crucial nexus of
topics. The Singularity is often held to be about the rapid
emergence of superhuman intelligence. The desirability of mind
uploading rests upon a particular philosophy of mind. And it's
in everyone's interest to know all they can about the brains
they already have.

One of the attractive features of the extropian and transhuman
lists is the synthesis of ideas that goes on, but I suspect
that the complexity of the overall discussion exceeds anyone's
grasp. I would hope that this particular combination of topics
is broad enough to benefit from synthesis and narrow enough
to remain comprehensible as a whole.

I'd love to conclude by saying, "And you can join the list
by following these instructions", but I haven't been able to
pull that off. I'm not even sure what the list should be
called. But if anyone wants to create such a list, they can
add my name straight away.