Re: Moravec, "Intelligent" Robots, and a Central Robot Database

Nicholas Bostrom (
Wed, 5 Nov 1997 12:54:50 +0000

Alexander 'Sasha' Chislenko:

>This thought occurred to me about 3 years ago, after
>reading Moravec's next
> book on Mind Age, and I wrote a response to it, starting from the above
> considerations, and taking them in a few different directions.
> You can find the essay on my website.
> I have more interesting considerations now, but have not written them down,
> largely because I do not get much criticism for my papers, so sharing my ideas
> doesn't do much to help me advance. I would be quite happy to discuss this
> stuff if you are interested though.

Yes, we are very interested in this. At least I am, and I think I
speak for many other people here as well. A good way to start the
discussion might be if you post a couple of paragraphs outlining a
particular controversial idea you might have; that is likely to
spark a more general discussion.

Nick Bostrom