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The Transhuman well

This text is trying to represent the History and
Future vision of the
Tranhumanists and Extropists. If you are new to the
movement you can
use this text as a starting point for your journey
into this really
exciting and wonderful universe of the ideas,
predictions and scientific
basis that the Transhuman philosophy is build on. The
text is build over
a period of time with help of all the people
mentioned below. It's a
Dynamic text, that is wide open for discussion. But
to keep it as a
reference point. It will be fixed for at least one
year. After that it
will include as much as criticism, new idea's and new
insights as possible.
All lines will have a number in front. This will make
it easy for anybody,
who would like to share an other or additional
opinion, to refer to the
specific part of the text.

The numbers themselves will lead you to additional
or other visions.

The Big Bang years ago nothing became
Quantum mechanics
Cooling process
Forming the Universe
Time and Space
Chaos and order

AT> Firstly living in a infinite universe or finite
universe sets the precedence on what we can actually
do with the rest of humankind...and our extropian
We should try to resolve whether the universe is
either one or the other first,....but it's
interesting to see that there was a beginning /
broken symmetry in spacetime....

This lucky blue ball had something special
First life forms and how they came about
Evolution, Chaos, Bacteria
The Apes
Civilization, Chinese ? Egypt and pyramids
The 'Information entity' us !
Social aspects
Political aspects

AT> I always have this thing that this lucky blue
ball didn't just come about,....and I'd like to
explore the anthropic principle ,... we're not just
lucky !!!
I believe in the fact of evolution but not extending it
to say that every living creature is a product of
evolution ( Darwinian? ) because of the lack of
'transitional' forms....

Using tools
Science an Alchemy
Industrial period
The "information entity" us !
Social aspects
Political aspects

AT> Social/political aspects , I feel these are
bottomless wells , you know it's like let's work with
what we do know....and not on how we feel......
hard sciences....

Were are we heading for
Extropians, history !!!!!!!!!!!!
Transhuman, history !!!!!!!!!!!
Cryonics, today
Nanotechnology, today
Computer/IT, today
Space travel/living,today
The "information entity" us !
Social aspects
Political aspects

AT> Great!!!, Let's tread cautiously though, let's
deal with what we do know,...in doubt stay out...
information entity has that a way of transcending
what we don't know about....

The near Future (less...then 100 years)
Computers, then
Nanotechnology, then
Space travel/living, then
The "information entity" us
Social aspects
Political aspects
We as movement

The far Future (more then 100 years)

AT> Computers and Nanotech and Space
That's what we need to urgently develope,....
the culture will evolve from the technology.......
cryos, space travel right?

That's my rap for now,
pls feedback
Rdgs AlexTseng
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