Re:Head transplantation done.

Joao Pedro (
Wed, 05 Nov 1997 23:04:59 -0800


Nicholas Bostrom wrote:
> We have discussed the possibility of brain
> transplantation at some point on the extropian or the transhumanist
> list, and we concluded that it seemed unlikely (at least before the
> arrival of nanotech, at which time there wouldn't be any use in
> transplanting heads anyway).

I don't want to sound the convinced jerk I am, but I actually wrote on
the 22nd of October;
About body transplants using cloning to create new bodies, it's not such
a futuristic achievement. Did you know that there has already been body
is monkeys and dogs? And that there are plans to try it on humans on a
near future? Besides, human cloning can be technically possible in a
very short time (some claim that it is already possible in the present).

Anyway, about the procedure, I think we should look at other
alternatives. Body transplants are not only too dangerous - whatever the
scientific progresses are -, but
they are also extremely demanding in terms of resources.

See ya, sorry for having to point out this detail but I also like some
credit to myself once in a while,

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