Re: HUMOR: Culture-like shipnames

Anders Sandberg (
04 Nov 1997 22:34:28 +0100 (The Low Golden Willow) writes:

> On Nov 4, 1:25pm, Anders Sandberg wrote:
> } Wild Handwaving
> Warship?

Perhaps even better for a research ship. Imagine having the
hyper-string theorists gathered on Wild Handwaving...

> } > Cynical Optimism
> } What about Crass Idealism?
> I'm not sure I've run into this phrase before. What's your idea of it?

It was a term invented by a Swedish journalist to describe how many
youg today instead of working in non-profit organisations start up
for-profit organisations with the intention of both earning money and
furthering their values.

Other shipnames:

In Vitro Veritas
Non Serviam
Faust Lane

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