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[Posted by kind permission of Jane Affleck -- TH).

( LOBSTER is at: http://www.knowledge.co.uk/xxx/lobster )


Here is a selection of sites on the Internet that I have found interesting.
However, it is only a very small selection, and is not intended to be in any
way comprehensive, but only to give some indication of the type of information
available (with some bias towards those areas that may interest Lobster
readers). Other points worth making: using the internet can be very time
consuming - and expensive - if you don't know what you're looking for, and
access can be variable, being very slow, or even impossible to connect, at busy
times. The usenet newsgroups are for discussion of issues and anyone can
contribute; some of the contibutions are pretty far out, or just plain
abusive, and much of the material is US-orientated. The content of newsgroups
is continually changing, and the examples I have given are of topics listed
recently. However, there is a lot of useful and interesting information out
there, as I hope the following will indicate.


Fedworld http://www.fedworld.gov/
Described as providing a comprehensive central access point for locating and
acquiring US government information on-line. Provides links to US government
web servers and other US government information sources, sorted into subject
categories. For example, under `military', it provides links to sites on the
CIA, US Army, Air Force, Navy, ARPA.

Federal Web Locator http://www.law.vill.edu/Fed-Agency/fedwebloc.html
Described as a'one-stop shopping point for federal government information on
the world wide web'. A lot of information, with links to federal agencies and
other organisations, also a search facility. Here are examples of some of the

Legislative Branch: House, Senate, Government Printing Office, GAO, Library of
Federal Judiciary Branch:US Supreme Court, US Courts of Appeals
Federal Executive Branch: Executive, White House, Office of the Vice-President
Federal Executive Agencies: eg Depts of Justice, Health and Human Services,
Defense, State, Energy, Treasury.
Federal Independent Establishments: eg CIA, EPA, FEMA, NASA, NRC
Federal Government Consortium and Quasi Official Agencies: including National
Academy of Sciences, Smithsonian Institute, Financenet(federal finance
information network).
Selected Multilateral Organisations and International Sites: includes European
Commission, Interamerican Development Bank, OECD, UN, World Bank.

US Library of Congress Http://lcweb.loc.gov
Contains information about, and material from its collections.
Initial menu includes; general information and publications, government
congress and law, research and collections services, copyright, Library of
Congress on-line services.

To search LoC publications in print, from LoC homepage, select general
information and publications, then `publications', then `LoC publications'
from LC Marvel. Gopher menu includes LoC publications in print, which gets you
to a search facility `search LC publications in print'.

Supreme Court Rulings http://www.law.cornell.edu/supct/
US Supreme Court decisions and information on US lawmaking.

US Government Printing Office http://www.gpo.gov
Links to US Congress, General Accounting Office, and to GPO Access.
The Federal Register, Congressional Record, Congressional Bills and other
Federal Government information are available on-line via GPO Access (address
The initial menu of GPO Access includes a facility to search for GPO reports
('Search monthly catalog of US Government Publications (MOCAT)')

US General Accounting Office http://www.gao.gov
Includes a facility to search for GAO reports

US Food and Drug Administration http://www.fda.gov
Initial menu includes: fda news, animal drugs, human drugs, cosmetics, foods,
toxicology, medical devices and radiological health.
For example, under `human drugs', there is information on the FDA's role in
regulation, and how new drug applications are reviewed, and under `foods',
information on food additives, pesticides and chemical contaminants, food
labelling and much more.

The site also includes how to make a Freedom of Information Act request to the
FDA, how to obtain written FDA regulations and how to comment on proposed
regulations and submit petitions.

US Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) http://www.epa.gov
Extensive information about the EPA, including a facility to search the EPA
publications catalogue.

CIA http://www.odci.gov/cia
Includes general information about the CIA (its history, mission, and a virtual
tour), publications (including World Factbook and Factbook on Intelligence,
Chiefs of State and cabinet members of foreign governments, handbook of
economic statistics and CIA maps).

US Intelligence Community http://www.odci.gov/ic
The intelligence community is a group of 13 US government agencies that carry
out intelligence activities of the US government. There is background
information only (eg mission and authority) on these agencies, including CIA,
DIA, NSA NRO, Army Navy and Air force Intelligence, Depts of State and Energy,

National Security Agency http://www.nsa.gov:8080/
Information about NSA, mission statement, Venona Project, cryptologic museum.

Defense Intelligence Agency http://www.dia.mil/

National Reconnaissance Office http://www.odci.gov/ic/usic/nro.html
Background information only. NRO's existence was declassified in 1992, and
describes it's mission as to ensure the US has the technology and spaceborne
assets needed to acquire intelligence worldwide.

Dept of Defense. Defenselink http://www.dtic.dla.mil/defenselink/
Menu includes links to Army, Navy, AirForce, also publications, and a search
facility (database of defence information sources). Also link to Gulflink (see

Gulflink Persian Gulf War Veterans Illnesses homepage
Gulf war Illness reports, background information and research and analysis of
the issues related to illnesses affecting Gulf War veterans. Also declassified
Gulf War documents relevant to this issue, and information/factsheets on
pyrodostigmine bromide, permethrin, DEET, and related information.

FBI http://www.fbi.gov/
Menu includes overview of the FBI, FAQs, and FBI investigations including the
unabomber, Oklahoma City and DECA programme(espionage, counterintelligence and
counterterrorism awareness)

MOSSAD Israeli secret intelligence organisation
Site set up by an ex-Mossad case officer. Menu includes organisation,
recruitment methods, liaison (covert and overt) and spycraft.

Los Alamos National Laboratory http://www.lanl.gov/
Details of some of the extensive range of research work undertaken at LANL, eg
nuclear weapons, computer simulation, environmental technology, explosives
technology, human genome project, HIV sequence database,military systems
analysis and simulation.

Freeedom of Information
How to use FOIA and Privacy Act. `A Citizens Guide to using the Freedom of
Information Act and the Privacy Act of 1974 to request government records'.
This is an invaluable guide for anyone wanting to use FOIA to access
information in the US.

FTP: Address: ftp.spies.com
Path: /Gov/foia.cit

NASA http://www.nasa.gov
Aeronautics, human spaceflight, space science, technology

NASA spacelink http://spacelink.msfc.nasa.gov
Educational information system. NASA news and projects, eg aeronautics, human
spaceflight, planetary probes, satellites etc

FTP address: ftp.spies.com
path: gov/us-docs
Includes original charter of NSA


CCTA Government Information Service http://www.open.gov.uk/
Gateway to government depts etc: go via `information locator' and
`organisational index' to alphabetical list of departments and agencies. For
example, under MoD, provides details of ministers and top level structure, 1994
and 1995 Defense White Papers, Defense Intelligence Staff, British Army, Navy
Airforce, Procurement Executive and Defense Evaluation and Research Agency.

First menu includes public information office services, weekly information
bulletin, list of members, HoC business, parliamentary publications. Not a
great deal of information at present, but there are plans for expansion.

HMSO http://www.hmso.gov.uk
Unable to do comprehensive search of publications. Useful summaries of recent
Act of Parliament (1987 onwards). Plans to publish Acts of Parliament in full
from 1996 onwards.


Alt.desert-storm Subjects include chemical/biological weapons used in Iraq,
depleted uranium, Iraq sanctions, Gulf War Syndrome, birth defects in babies
born to Gulf War veterans, US export of CBW-related materials to Iraq.

Alt.politics.org.cia Topics include Mena - drugs and arms smuggling, claimed
to be CIA-sponsored, cooperation with GCHQ over interception of electronic
communications, and CIA press manipulation, CIA covert ops against China,
mindnet journal.

alt.politics.org.fbi Includes details of a `mind reading machine', said to be
able to receive subjects brainwaves (by satellite) and decode (by neural
programming) to read thoughts, and also transmit messages to subjects; also
cryptography debate and the `unabomber'.

alt.politics.org.nsa Subjects include the dropping of the Zimmerman
prosecution relating to PGP encryption, CIA/NSA battle over roles and budget,
and NSA monitoring of internet traffic by `sniffing' for particular keywords
and phrases onthe internet. It is also claimed that other intelligence
agencies monitor the net including CIA, FBI, DIA and State Dept. Also remote
viewing, Oklahoma City bombing.

alt.politics.org.batf `whitewatergate', legality of firearms (not v active).

alt.politics.media eg remote viewing, far right, Mena, McLibel legal action

alt.freedom.of.information.act Items on US Communications Decency Act,
concerned with on-line censorship.


Web Conspiracy Page http://www.nova.cioe.com/html/politics.html
Information and disinformation about conspiracies. Lists conspiracy-related
net sites and newsgroups. Under `top secet files' the menu includes
Bilderbergers, EMP Weapons, FEMA,HAARP, Mind Control, Nazis and Occult, New
World Orders, Opal Files, October Surprise. (Had difficulty downloading -
info may be zipped).
This page also includes an on-line discussion forum and `conspiracy cafe'. For
example, the forum contains articles on conspiracy issues and Non Lethal
Weapons - MW, laser and HPM weapons, and a Russian accoustic device said to be
capable of implanting thoughts into someone's mind.

FTP: Address: ftp.spies.com
Path: /Library/Fringe/Conspiry/*
Subjects include Gemstone conspiracy, the threat to civil liberties posed by
nuclear power and weapons ('plutonium'), a reading list on intelligence
('intellig.bib), waco, and `'Russia's Star Wars Defense System''

FTP: Address: ftp.spies.com
Path: /Library/Fringe/Ufo/*
Subjects include a psychiatric evaluation of ufo abductions, area 51, bluebook
(unexplained ufo reports from files of the US AirForce's Blue Book
investigations), alleged US government cover-up of alien activity, cropcircles,

HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project)
Hugh's HAARP information page
Article on HAARP, a research project built by the US military in Alaska, with
hundreds of antennas capable of directing an intense beam of electromagnetic
energy into the ionosphere. Scientists and environmentalists are concerned
that HAARP's electronic transmitters could harm people and trigger unforeseen
environmental and atmospheric effects; also conspiracy theories about mind
control and climatic war.

Earthlight homepage http://www.xyz.net/~nohaarp/earthlight.html
More about HAARP, including article by Nick Begich and Jeane Manning claiming
that manipulating the ionosphere could alter the atmosphere and weather, and
that HAARP technology could be used to manipulate human mental processes.
Also that HAARP could provide a tool to replace the EM pulse effect of
atmospheric nuclear devices, that HAARP could wipe out communications over a
very large area, replace the ELF submarine communication system, that HAARP
could help detect incoming low level planes and cruise missiles, and help
verify nuclear non-proliferation. (Quotes a White House adviser in 1958 as
saying the US defence department was studying ways to manipulate the charges of
the earth and sky and so affect the weather by using an electronic beam to
ionise or de-ionise the atmosphere over a given area).

JFK Assassination
Alot of information relating to President Kennedy's assassination, and links to
related sites.

JFK http://heiwww.unige.ch/jfk/
Includes jFK declassified documents (eg Zapata operation, memoranda, etc).

Motherjones magazine http://www.mojones.com/

also at FTP: Address: mojones.com
Path: /pub/*
Investigative magazine. Includes items on politics, religious right,
environment, chemicals/pesticides, CIA, etc. Can look at current issue or
search archive for articles in previous issues.

Conspiracy Books

Whitewater Scandal

Who's Who of the Elite. Book on Bilderbergs, Council on Foreign Relations,
Trilateral Commission, etc and the conspiracy theory surrounding them.

Greg's UFO andConspiracy Page http://www.tripod.com/~grega/ufos.html
Links to pages on Ufos and conspiracy, eg SETI, contactees, alien mutilation

alt.conspiracy Items on HAARP, alien abductions, alien implants, mind
control, FEMA, Oklahoma City bombing, CAQ article on exposure of Gulf War
soldiers to chemical and biological agents, denied by the Pentagon, UFO
sightings, and alleged government knowledge of UFOs, militias, mad cow disease,
anti-cult activities.

alt.conspiracy.jfk Items on Kennedy Assassination eg the possibility of LHW
being a controlled `Manchurian Candidate', discussion of ballistic evidence and
the Zapruder film, the `magic bullet', and the Gemstone file

alt.illuminati Items on implants, conspiracies, the `UFO uncoverup' (claims
of future government revelations).

alt.freemasonry Contributions both pro and anti freemasonry. Alleged
membership of senior US politicians to secretive organisations such as
Bilderberg group, Council for Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission,
masonic conspiracy.

Items include the so-called `alien autopsy', remote viewing, CSICOPS, Randi and
debunking, Geller, firewalking.


Electronic Frontier Foundation http://www.eff.org
Described as a `non profit civil liberties organisation working in the public
interest to protect privacy, free expression and access to online resources and
Information on censorship, civil liberties etc, for example legislation and
regulation, privacy, surveillance, cryptography, Scientology and the Net,
Communications Decency Act, anarchist and gay censorship, journalism and media,
computers and academic freedom.

FTP address: ftp.eff.org
path: /pub/EFF/*

Civil Rights and Liberties
address: ftp.spies.com
path: /Library/Article/Rights/*
Articles about censorship, banned computer material, banned books (in US
academic institutions), copyright law, FBI attempts to facilitate wiretapping.

Online censorship: http://www.vex.net/~brian/censored
Black Thursday Machine, created by Electronic Frontier Canada (named after
Thursday Feb 9 1996, when new restrictions on what could be communicated
through American computer networks signed into law). Asks viewer to imagine
what would happen if cyberspace challenged by strict government regulation.
Allows you to look at a web page and see what it would look like if censored
- eg on a safe sex discussion group, all words connected with sex are replaced
by `censored'.

alt.society.civil-liberties eg fascism on the net, racism, FBI access to
credit files.

alt.censorship More on the CDA, which affects US internet providers and users
and will make it illegal to transmit or receive pornographic materials over the
net (currently being challenged), drugs legality.

alt.news-media `Big Brother', smart cards in Canada

alt.privacy eg US social security info being bought by crooks


Government Research into ESP and Mind Control
Site devoted to exposing US government research into ESP and the psychological
technology of mind control using drugs, hypnosis and abuse. Includes a
bibliography on mind control, and offers support to `veterans' of the US
intelligence community's research and operational programmes.

Freedom of Thought Foundation, Mind Control Forum homepage
Set up by, and for, people who believe they are being subjected to mind control
techniques, with links to other related sites. Initial menu includes archives,
news, resources and victim's stories, including `downloadable MRI scans of
implanted devices.'

Brian's Government Psychiatric Torture Web Site
Includes Alan Frey's paper on Human Auditory system Response to Modulated EM
Energy, which explains how the perception of sound can be induced, and hence
the possibility that voices can be beamed directly into the head. Also other
victim's stories and MRI scans apparently showing foreign objects in Brian's

Brainwashing: FTP address: ftp.spies.com
path: /Library/Article/Misc.brainwa.txt
Interesting article on brainwashing and manipulation

A mixed bag. Includes the Alan Frey paper on human auditory response to
modulated EM energy, and more about the possibility of beaming thoughts/words
into the subconscious brain.

Mixed. More on HAARP, MRI scans of implants, alleged involvement of the US
military/intelligence in abductions, mind control, mindnet journal, hypnosis,
`new world order'.


Counterintelligence and Technical Surveillance Countermeasures homepage
Site set up by James M Atkinson, Communications Engineer. Alot of information
about TSCM and bugging, for example, different types of bugs and wiretapping
activities, including photos,how to tell if you're being bugged, and what to do
about it. Also links to other intelligence sites, including NSA, CIA, FBI, and
suppliers of intelligence equipment (Raytheon, Boeing, Rockwell, etc), plus
alot of other useful information related to surveillance.

NSA and Internet Privacy. Two small but interesting sites.
NSA attempts to subvert internet privacy, eg to influence/enforce the use of
those encryption systems it can decode.

claims that `According to well placed sources within the Federal Government and
Internet service provider industry, the NSA is actively `sniffing' key internet
router and gateway hosts,' and claims that the NSA has contracted with a
private company to develop the software needed to capture internet data of
interest to the agency.

Clipper Chip
FTP Address:ftp.spies.com
Path: /library/article/crypto/*
(1993/4) Discussion on clipper chip, including NSA influence, also
wiretapping, cryptography, key escrow.

Newsgroup about political issues relating to cryptography, for example PGP,
damage to software exporters caused by encryption restrictions, and whether the
NSA is violating its charter (which prohibits it spying in the US) by spying on
the internet, and debate on whether the US government can criminalise
unauthorised encryption.

Includes the Zimmerman case, the legality of PGP outside the US, and the
legality of employers obtaining employee's private key to decrypt e-mail.


Econet http://www.econet.apc.org/econet/
Huge amount of information on a wide range of environmental issues and

Envirolink http://www.envirolink.org
Described as the largest online environmental information source. First menu
includes envirolink library, with subjects listed alphabetically from
agriculture to wildlife, including animal rights, biodiversity, energy, global
warming, human rights, pesticides etc. Many links, eg to a searchable index
for toxics and disease (Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry), the
Citizen's Guide to using FOIA, and `prisoners of ecological conscience'.


Statewatch http://www.poptel.org.uk/statewatch/
Statewatch database: the State and civil liberties in the UK and Europe.
Includes policing and Europol, security and intelligence agencies, the law ,
ECHR, prisons, immigration and asylum, racism and fascism, N Ireland, civil

Privacy International http:// privacy.org/pi OR http://washofc.epic.org/pi/
PI was formed in 1990 as a watchdog on surveillance by governments and
corporations. It campaigns to raise awareness about the dangers of
infringements on privace such as ID card systems, military surveillance, data
matching, police information systems. It is administered by the Electronic
Privacy Information Center (EPIC) in Washington DC. Site includes details of
newsletter, conferences, reports (eg on surveillance technologies and
wiretapping, including the trade in surveillance equipment with repressive
regimes, listing those companies involved and the type of equipment).

Greenpeace International Homepage http://www.greenpeace.org/
First menu includes: toxic pages, nuclear, atmosphere, biodiversity, marine,
membership, information, chat. Can also search for subjects by keywords.

Friends of the Earth http://www.foe.co.uk/
Includes Newbury by-pass campaign, Chemical Release Inventory (how to find out
about chemicals released from sites near you), and FoE's campaigns - energy and
nuclear, biodiversity, atmosphere and transport, industry and pollution,
sustainable development.

Scientists for Global Responsibility http://www.gn.apc.org/sgr/
Site gives information about SGR and how to join

McDonalds http://www.mcspotlight.org/
Nearest site http://www.mcspotlight.org/home.html
Web site produced by McInformation Network, autonomous to, but supportive of
the two `McLibel' defendants, David Morris and Helen Steel, who are being sued
by McDonalds for producing a factsheet entitled `What's Wrong With McDonalds'
which criticised many aspects of the company's policies and practices. Now
McLibel is the longest running civil trial in British history and has
stimulated worldwide publicity and protests. Alot of information on the
issues, including employment, environment, animal welfare, recycling, freedom
of speech and libel laws, multinationals and global trade; also BSE and CJD.