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Tony Hollick (
Mon, 3 Nov 97 06:43 GMT0


Hello, John,

'Mind Machines'

I have hereabouts a cross-comparative review of all the major
products in this field. I bought the report from an outfit in
Boston, USA, who advertized in 'Popular Science' ( I
bought a Zygon kit first, but soon realized that the Synetics
MindLab machine is far superior for most purposes.

It's compact and portable, has onboard microprocessors,
rechargeable batteries, volume and brightness controls, a
sophisticated press-button control panel, complex brain-frequency
entrainment options (relax, stimullate, sleep, learn etc.);
hemispheric activity equalization routines; and it can download
further programmes. The effects are scientifically well-attested.

It also has a 'son-et-lumiere' option where you can connect it to
your stereo! There are custom CDs with program tracks, and it will
auto-generate a custom light-show from standard audio
(CD/tape/radio/record/live) sources. Street-legal psychedelia!

I purchased my MindLab kit from 'Life Tools' here in the UK. Three
months old, perfect condition, half price (UKP 150).

I hope this info helps.

Try a Web search on 'Synetics' and 'MindLab'

All Best Wishes,

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