Scientific approach to God and such

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Thu, 30 Oct 1997 22:27:45 -0800

(taken from another email list...)

and yet another somewhat interesting article in the l.a. times:

October 29, 1997
Study Suggests Brain May Affect Religious Response
>From a Times Staff Writer

New Oreleans- No one knows why humanity felt its first religious
but researchers at UC San Diego reported Tuesday that the human brain
may be
hard-wired to hear the voice of heaven, in what researchers said was the
first effort to directly address the neural basis of religious

In a provocative experiment with patients suffering from an unusual form
epilepsy, researcher determined that parts of the brain's temporal
the scientists quickly dubbed the "God module"- may affect how intensely
person responds to religious beliefs.

They emphasized that their findings do not suggest religion is simply a
matter of brain chemistry. "These studies do not in any way negate the
validity of reilgious experience or God," the team cautioned.

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