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Abraham Moses Genen
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Dear EvMick,
Just so you'll know - Quo Vadis? is Latin for "Wither goest? or to put it
in other words "Where are you heading?" (Figuratively speaking)

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Date: Friday, October 31, 1997 10:37 PM
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><< Dear EvMick,
> No, I don't think you need to get out more.
> You seem to get great emotional and intellectual fulfilment
> living your life the way you do.
> As with all lifestyles I'm sure you've found that yours has more than a
> shortcomings, however. I'm curious as to what you might peceive them to
> Quo Vadis???
>Youre right about the first part..I lead this life cause there's little
>for beaver trappers anymore...and I can't find a starship yet...or an
>asteroid miner (I"m looking!!)
>Regarding the second part...shortcomings....
>Thought about that for a little while...and I assume you mean PARTICULAR
>shortcomings...unique to my lifestyle....and I can't come up with
>any...nothing that the nomadic tribes of the steppes or the horsetribes of
>great plains would see as a problem...or even today's elderly
>"snowbirds".....just a nomadic lifestyle...strike "camp" every
>a new one every nite...and anything left behind is gone
>increasingly HI TECH lifestyle....and it's getting easier all the time...
>I just more than a couple of months ago...purchased a new
>rig.<brag mode...ON> She's a 1995 LongNose Peterbilt...300 in
>in custom sleeper...470 hp...18 speed...She's so strong she'll "loaf" at 75
>mph turning 1500 rpm on the flats grossing 80,000 lbs...and will barely
>any but the most significant hill. I have a refrigerator, TV and VCR
>builtin...with more to come as I decide what I need.Climate Control,
>telephone ,LapTop Computer and GPS navigation... <brag mode...OFF>
>Like a turtle..I carry my home with me..
>My biggest problem...and I'm sure you can guess what's
>meddling...but that's no different from everyone else''s just a
>more visible in my profession.
>Course....there's the loneliness...but I'm not as subject to that as most
>folks...and I've found that people can be lonely in folk are
>perhaps more lonely than ranchers...and email and the internet is making a
>dent in that problem..
>And I don't know what Quo Vadis means.
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> EvMIck
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