Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS)

Holger Wagner (
Sat, 01 Nov 1997 23:37:34 +0100

Since certain drugs might help us improve ourselves (or others, curing
mental illnesses for example), I believe this is a good place to tell
you about them (I just told them about Extropy and received some
positive feedback), I've been on that list for about a month and would
say it's quite "scientific" (but "amateur" posts are also welcome)...


The MAPS forum is the electronic discussion group of the
Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS). MAPS is a 501 (c) (3)
corporation chartered in 1986 as a membership-based research and
educational organization. Currently numbering 1400 members, MAPS focuses
on the development of beneficial, socially-sanctioned uses of
drugs and marijuana. MAPS pursues its mission by helping scientific
researchers design, obtain governmental approval for, fund, conduct and
report on psychedelic research in human volunteers.

The MAPS forum supports this mission by allowing members to interact
each other and with international experts in the psychedelic field.
may include current news, book reviews, factual questions about
psychedelics or marijuana, psychedelics and marijuana in the media,
for research and fundraising, and articles in the MAPS quarterly
bulletin/newsletter. Students who have written class papers on
topics are encouraged to share their work here. M.D. and Ph.D.
researchers funded by MAPS are also asked to participate. The forum also
serves as a rapid response network when there are opportunities to
influence drug policy decisions that are critical to MAPS' mission.
Questions about anything MAPS is doing, or suggestions for anything MAPS
should be doing, are encouraged.

To maintain the high standards that members expect from MAPS, this is a
moderated list. Subscribers to maps-forum are assured of a high
signal/noise ratio. A maximum of five messages are selected for posting
the list each day by the moderator. Although questions are welcome at
levels of interest, the moderator prefers posted comments to be
at a level appropriate for a classroom or a professional meeting.

To subscribe to maps-forum, send email to with
"subscribe maps-forum Albert Hofmann <youraddress>" (if your name is
Albert Hofmann) without the quotes, in the first line. Make sure
youraddress is enclosed within the <brackets> as shown. Leave the
line and all other lines blank. To unsubscribe, send email to with "unsubscribe maps-forum youraddress", without
quotes, in the first line. Leave the subject line and all other lines

Subscriptions to maps-forum are free to MAPS members, and free to
non-members for a 90-day trial period. Memberships, which include a
subscription to the quarterly MAPS Bulletin, are available for
$35 (non-US: $50) for General Members, and $20 (non-US: $35) for
student/low income.

For more information about MAPS, please visit the MAPS home page at, featuring Bulletin back issues and the online
(keyword-searchable) psychedelic drug research bibliography.

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Phone 704-334-1798 FAX 704-334-1799
for questions related to maps-forum, email:
for all other questions, email:

Albert Einstein wrote that "Imagination is more important than
If you can even faintly imagine a cultural reintegration of the use of
psychedelics and the states of mind they engender, please consider
MAPS in supporting the expansion of scientific knowledge in this area.
Progress is possible with the support of individuals who care enough to
take individual and collective action.

(1) Questions are welcome at all levels of interest but posted comments
should be presented at a level appropriate for a classroom or a
professional meeting. Primarily, this means to assume a skeptical
audience. Make an effort to support your assertions with argumentation
evidence. Clearly state the central point you are trying to make early
your message. Provide definitions and/or examples when using unusual
terminology or advanced concepts. Make references to the literature
URL's whenever possible.

(2) By the same token, please provide an introduction, summary, or
discussion of all references or URL's posted to the list. Don't just
web addresses and say, "check this out."

(3) A maximum of five messages will be selected for posting to the list
each day. Short posts are prefered over longer posts. Consider breaking
longer works into a series of installments over a week or several weeks.
If you have already received five messages from the forum in the past 24
hours, please wait until the next day to post.

(4) Persons who have not submitted recently will be given priority over
those who post to the list often. In general, it is prefered that
individual subscribers post no more often than once per week and only
or twice per thread (although there are numerous exceptions). Consider
whether your response to a post is better sent to the author rather than
to the entire list.

(5) For purposes of legal safety, first person narratives confessing
own illegal drug use are always sent back to the author with a reminder
this guideline.

(6) Relevant cross-posts from other sources are welcome (especially when
an introduction explaining the relevance is included), but original
content is prefered.

(7) General drug policy discussions (prohibition vs. legalization) are
not encouraged unless they specifically relate to research. Examples of
acceptable drug policy topics include: the influence of drug policy on
research, or the policy implications of research.

(8) When responding to a post on the list, *briefly* quote only the
relevant part of what you are specifically responding to, and write your
message under the quote.

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