Re: Free software (was: History of Transhumanism and Extropy)

Holger Wagner (
Sat, 01 Nov 1997 23:57:37 +0100

Leevi Marttila wrote:
> Max More <> writes:
> > The principle of Spontaneous Order says only that we tend to favor
> > voluntary social coordination mechanisms over detailed central control. But
> Seems that 'free software movement' embodies that idea.
> It works quite efficiently too.

I'd say the "free software movement" generally goes well with Extropian
Ideas. Since you have access to all the source code, you can LEARN
(improving yourself), and MODIFY (improving techology). Besides, still
being a Linux newbie I can say that it also encourages some sort of
self-responsibility (I'm sure there's a better expression): since there
hardly are any centralized documents (took me a while before I found
LDP), you need to learn finding the information you need in HowTos,
FAQs, man-pages etc.

Besides, no stupid terrocrats can earn money with free software :-)


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