Re: Iron Lattice (was earth/moon relationship)

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Sat, 1 Nov 1997 14:46:54 EST

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<< Iron is generally an easily
alloyed metal, probably due to the fact that it switches crystal structures
(between BCC, FCC, and HCP) easily under fairly mild conditions. As for
amorphous crystals, I don't think metal crystals can be amorphous. If I am
not mistaken, amorphous crystals can only occur when there is l >>

Ok...that sounds good....except I don't understand it...

What does BCC, FCD and HCP mean? And what does Amorphous mean in this
context... would this idea of a crystalline core tie in with the
concept of the polarity of earths magnetic..."flipping' or reversing every so would (could) this happen...and what (if any) visible effect would
there be.?

And just to throw a nother bean into the does Gold's Primeval Oil
thesis tie into this?

Enquiring (and non-web connected) minds want to know.

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