Re: [Fwd: BOOKS: Prometheus Rising (perception retraining)]

Neuronaut (
Sat, 1 Nov 1997 08:53:35 -0800

Hagbard wrote:
>Prometheus Rising offers a number of exercises to alter our perceptive
>framework. Working with the eight circuit Leary-Wilson model outlined in
>that book, I've long known that the majority of my early imprints have
>been on the third (semantic) circuit. Accordingly, I've become prone to
>excessive rationalization, and the corresponding communicative
>roadblocks that can sometimes occur when dealing with first, second or
>fourth circuit types. I think RAW makes a great case for balance among
>the first four circuits, since such would allow more possibile
>perceptive frameworks through which to experience objective reality. The
>Holy Grail, of course, is the ability to switch between perceptive
>frameworks at will and in their entirety, allowing conscious exploration
>of reality from the standpoint of many different people. This is
>attractive in the sense that different people notice and internalize
>different things. If we could flip-flop between one perceptive framework
>and another, we would have a more accurate picture of the universe than
>any single-perspective person can have by themselves.
>Whether this is possible, I haven't the faintest. So, has anyone
>attempted the perception re-training exercises in Prometheus Rising? If
>so, with what results?

I have read Prometheus rising several times as well as many of RAW's other
tomes. In my experience, perceptual re-training is, indeed, possible as
well as incredibly fun. To paraphrase RAW there is nothing wrong with the
Universe, humans merely misuse their brain..instead of using your brain for
failure and misery, use it for fun and profit. My re-programming began with
a right temporal lobectomy. In the two months after surgery I was concerned
only with the basics of survival (Circuit One for those familiar with the
Leary-Wilson 8 Circuit model) during which I found it possible to
re-imprint fundamental programs about how I perceive the world, myself and
how to move from one perceptual framwork to another - that the current
framework I am using is but one of billions and if I find it not to my
pleasure, it is possible to change to a perspective that is more to my
liking. As I gained more functions I found myself blissfully hanging out
in the 5th circuit. From the Hedonic Engineering capability of the 5th
circuit I discovered it easy to jump to the 6th and 7th so as to literally
change my world. In other words, as many before me have doneI used somatic
bliss as a conduit to expanded consciousness. The benefits are many. For me
I find joy and expansiveness comes from the ability to program the

The experience seems akin to that described by those who sought to expand
their consciousness through the use of psychedelics.