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Fri, 31 Oct 1997 22:18:48 EST

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<< Dear EvMick,
No, I don't think you need to get out more.
You seem to get great emotional and intellectual fulfilment
living your life the way you do.
As with all lifestyles I'm sure you've found that yours has more than a few
shortcomings, however. I'm curious as to what you might peceive them to be.
Quo Vadis???


Youre right about the first part..I lead this life cause there's little demand
for beaver trappers anymore...and I can't find a starship yet...or an
asteroid miner (I"m looking!!)

Regarding the second part...shortcomings....

Thought about that for a little while...and I assume you mean PARTICULAR
shortcomings...unique to my lifestyle....and I can't come up with
any...nothing that the nomadic tribes of the steppes or the horsetribes of the
great plains would see as a problem...or even today's elderly
"snowbirds".....just a nomadic lifestyle...strike "camp" every morning....find
a new one every nite...and anything left behind is gone
increasingly HI TECH lifestyle....and it's getting easier all the time...

I just more than a couple of months ago...purchased a new
rig.<brag mode...ON> She's a 1995 LongNose Peterbilt...300 in wheelbase...90
in custom sleeper...470 hp...18 speed...She's so strong she'll "loaf" at 75
mph turning 1500 rpm on the flats grossing 80,000 lbs...and will barely notice
any but the most significant hill. I have a refrigerator, TV and VCR
builtin...with more to come as I decide what I need.Climate Control, Cellular
telephone ,LapTop Computer and GPS navigation... <brag mode...OFF>

Like a turtle..I carry my home with me..

My biggest problem...and I'm sure you can guess what's government
meddling...but that's no different from everyone else''s just a little
more visible in my profession.

Course....there's the loneliness...but I'm not as subject to that as most
folks...and I've found that people can be lonely in folk are
perhaps more lonely than ranchers...and email and the internet is making a big
dent in that problem..

And I don't know what Quo Vadis means.

/_ _ \
Imperial California