History of transhumanism

Max More (maxmore@primenet.com)
Fri, 31 Oct 1997 12:00:46 -0800

One piece of writing I should have mentioned in relation to a history of
transhumanism is Reilly Jones excellent and substantial article "A History
of Extropic Thought:Parallel Conceptual Development of Technicism and
Humanism ". This is the written version of the talk that Reilly gave at
EXTRO 2 in 1995. It's a highly content-rich history of the roots of
extropic thinking from ancient times to the present. With Reilly's
permission, I'd like to include this on our site in the history section.

This essay is available in the EXTRO 2 Proceedings. (Yes, they are finally
in print. If you were a full registrant for EXTRO 2, you should have
received a copy by now). Copies are available for $30 (postage paid in the
US, otherwise add $5 for airmail) from:

Extropy Institute
13428 Maxella Avenue, #273
Marina del Rey, CA 90292
(310) 398-0375

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