"weird sciences"?

Holger Wagner (Holger.Wagner@lrz.uni-muenchen.de)
Thu, 30 Oct 1997 01:56:30 +0100

I was wondering if anybody on this lists knows about *scientific*
approaches to some of the phenomena most people consider mystical.
Things like out-of-body-experiences, spontanuous recovery from
sicknesses, witchcraft and so on. I'm quite sure that some of these
things are relatively easy to explain while others haven't even been
touched by science, yet.

The first question to be asked: is something real or just hallucinated.
I've never made an out-of-body-experience myself, but today, I've been
told there are people who can actively do that. If that's true, you can
try that under different conditions and it might be possible to find out
some interesting things (it would also be quite interesting to develop
methods for gaining knowledge about things like that).

Another interesting thing would be to find out how homeopathy works. Or
what astrology is all about. What has become of parapsychology
(personally, I even find many common psychologists don't really seem to
understand that much - I might be wrong, it's just an impression).

I've intentionally kept this quite general to find out whether there is
an interest in that at all, in further discussion, I'd appreciate
talking about only one phenomena or class of phenomena.

Has anybody heard of the "holographic theory"? I haven't had a chance to
look into that, yet... I guess I have to read some books from the
extropy-list first.


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