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The Power of Prayer

"In speculating about the nature of prayer, Ellen Johnson (leader of
American Atheists) wondered that "... a superintending, self-aware
conscious force in the Universe [could] upon whim, grant or refuse
certain supplications, and, if need be, suspend the laws of nature
to accomplish that which it would not have done otherwise. In other
words, this divinity has an insatiable need to be entertained by the
act of prayer before performing what it is requested to do."

"Ellen Johnson's arguments were considered so extreme that the
American press did not report them. Had it done so, she might have
been killed."

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I started off as an Anglican (Episcopalian) Christian. That Nicene
Creed, though -- 'six impossible things to believe before
breakfast!" >:-} I do think prayer works, on many levels.
Fortunately, _none_ of these levels relies on supplications to any
divinity, insatiable or otherwise. The 'God of Spinoza' knows what
you're thinking (you do, don't you?)

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Silva Mind Control graduates access a Higher Intelligence (not God
-- you can be of any religion or none in the Silva system) for
information and assistance. The full procedures are given in book
"The Silva Mind Control Method" by Jose Silva and Philip Miehle.

95% of the full value of the coursework is available through reading
the book, which is life-enhancing, full of 'gadgetry', and a joy to
read. There are full scientific evaluations of the course outcomes
in appendices. It's always in print. Coursework is quicker, is all.

There are over six million Silva Graduates worldwide now.

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For the next process, you just need to be able to settle your mind
into an 'Alpha' (EEG) meditative state. Those who find meditation
difficult can purchase a simple EEG electronic sound-and-light
brain-frequency entrainment device for the purpose. Works infallibly
in around five seconds for me (Synetics MindLab kit -- very nice!).

Actualizations: you can now connect your dreamed-of events with
their actually occurring. There are just four Laws to observe, in
making anything happen:

[1] You must _desire_ that the event shall take place.

[2] You must _believe_ that the event _can_ take place.

[3] You must _expect_ the event to take place.

[4] You _cannot_ create a hurtful problem for other people.

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Then there's (ferinstance) Classical Greek Magic. Very powerful
systems. They've worked for several thousand years. Read Murry
Hope's brilliant work "Practical Greek Magic: A Guide to the unique
magical system of Classical Greece" (The Aquarian Press, [1985]).
Great fun, also. [ FX: "FLASH!!!" ]

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Then there's the WishCraft System: just enter your wishes (anything
non-injurious to others) on 3 x 5 postcards or in computer file
entries, in this format:

TITLE: <Five or six word summary or title>

TEXT: Fifty to a hundred words describing your sought-for item,
project, desire, offer, whatever...

CONTACT: Details of how you want to be contacted -- bg telephone,
email, snail-mail, synchronicity, dreams or whatever.

You only need to send your wishes by email to me, if they haven't
'happened' for you in seven days. KISS... >:-}

We're working on a Web site for WishCraft wishes: any bright
forms-oriented site designers wanna help? Email me.

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Krell Laboratories Project: (Go see 'Forbidden Planet' first!).

Best of all, I'm working on an integrated suite of Multi-Media
programmes offering all of the above benefits and facilities, and
more. "Bring Your Dreams Alive!" (There _are_ no silly Freudian
'ids' to worry about, you should know).

And -- still -- you can always pray to Heaven. Or Destiny.

And to God.


The other day, I was standing in my living-room, staring out of my
living-room window with a 'fixed and terrible intensity', as I
though through a very difficult problem. (Coincidentally: I had
been talking earlier on the phone about John Paul Vann's heroic
defence of Kontum in the Vietnam War, where his forward air fire
control commanders Rhotenberry and Ba were calling down B-52 ARC
LIGHT air strikes from three mile high to impact within 700 yards of
their own positions (Ref: Neil Sheehan, 'A Bright Shining Lie' --
[1987] -- magnificent book!).

At _exactly_ the instant the solution came to my mind, a brilliant
blue-gold flash of lightning struck down vertically just 700 yards
away, accompanied instantaneously by a crash of thunder. The sky
turned black, and an inch of rain fell in half an hour. The
resultant local flooding was reported on national broadcast news.

This sure impressed me! >:-}

"My soul, there is a country
Far beyound the stars;
Where stands a winged sentry,
All skillfull in the wars." -- Henry Vaughan, {1622-95]

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"You have to believe we are magic;
Nothing can stand in our way.
You have to believe we are magic;
Don't let your aim ever stray...

And if all your Hopes survive,
Destiny will arrive,
And bring _all your dreams alive_
For you."

"Magic!" -- from "XANADU"

-- Words & Music by John Farrar

sung by the magical Olivia Newton-John

(Nobel Prize winning physicist Max Born's grand-daughter).

/ /\ \

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