Re: Re: To space without rockets ?
Wed, 29 Oct 1997 00:26:12 -0500 (EST)

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<< 's a bit double, when I think you/things have enough height,
I forget about the gravity, and when I think of escaping gravity, I think
to easily that your in space (so, you are weightless) and therefor
nothing is pulling you back. Which as I start to learn isn't so.
I try to project visual (in my head) all the different influences on the
tower, to
understand how it works up there.
Arthur C. Clarke wrote a book..."fountains of paradise"....and Charles
Sheffield wrote a book...the name of which excapes me...which discuss the
"beanstalk"concept...and address some of your concerns...particularly the
difference between height and orbit...and how you could be at orbital
altitude...but not be at orbital velocity...and thus fall to earth...with
lethal consequences..

Some years ago in ANALOG the notion of beanstalks was discussed...if I
remember correctly...Kevlar was strong enough for the moon and possibly
mars...nothing then for earth...

I don't remember winds as being a problem...and don't think I accept it as
such...However... i "play" in 70mph "winds" all day long .
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