Re: Dis-establishment (Was: 12 million Americans)

Anders Sandberg (
28 Oct 1997 16:55:08 +0100

carl feynman <> writes:

> I was fairly surprised that Horn was so receptive to the concept.
> He is in a position of some authority, and I would have thought the
> establishment more resistant to notions that might so thoroughly
> dis-establish it.

Authorities doesn't *have* to always attack new ideas, even if that
has become "folk wisdom" by now. It seems that as long as the threat
to the establishment is not "real" in the sense that it exists in the
physical world rather in potentia, it is not perceived as a threat and
can be studied fairly objectively, but when it becomes a present
threat all resources are arrayed against it.

This is a form of short-sightedness that seems to appear in most large
institutions, and which IMHO will almost guarantee that most of the
current institutions will not survive the first decades of the next

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