GUNS: When Guns Are Outlawed, Outlaws Will Use Cars

Mark Grant (
Tue, 28 Oct 1997 11:17:27 +0000

Wayne Hayes [] wrote:
>>As the
>>drug trade comes from underground into daylight, violence should
>Again, could you justify this? I can see that as a possibility, but
>I can also see the possibility of turf wars being even more violent
>than they are now.

Frankly, a couple of seconds thought should give you enough proof. When
was the last time you heard of a drive-by shooting by a tobacconist or
liquor store owner? When drugs are legal, drug dealers are too busy
collecting money from their customers to worry about shooting each

Of course there are dangers: there was a drive-by shooting between
alcohol and tobacco smugglers in England earlier this year, as
thanks to the oppressive British taxes they can make tens of thousands
of dollars just by taking a van through the Channel Tunnel and bringing
it back loaded up with cheap alcohol and cigarettes from the
Continent. So legal drugs with high taxes are still a problem; and
as a Canadian I'm sure you're aware of the level of cross-border
smuggling of legal drugs from the US into your country. From what
I hear that's not entirely violence-free either.

First big murder to hit the headlines in England after the handgun ban
happened late one night just outside London; a driver apparently got
annoyed by the car in front and rammed it several times, finally
pushing it across onto the other side of the highway, where it was hit
by a car coming the other way which killed everyone inside. Really lucky
they didn't have handguns, eh?