Re: Re: earth/moon relationship is an extropian idea ?

Michael Butler (
Mon, 27 Oct 1997 22:06:19 -0800 (PST)


I'm surprised you thought I was dissing you. I didn't mean to. For the
record, I think you've got what it takes and I was the one who told you I
wished you could have made it to Extro 3, 'cause you would have had a

So chill, Turbo--OK? :)

On Mon, 27 Oct 1997 wrote:

>'s like this Dr Frankenstien


Point taken. You got me. Bang, Ouch, I'm dead. For the record, I don't see
people as hairy eared peasants, generally, and I'm of an age where someone
could easily take _me_ for one. But on the net, no one can tell you're
a... Until you act like one. :) :)

And I don't think I have been acting like one. YMMV.



....hairy earred peasants such as
> myself....mudd all over our feet...can either read and ask "low signal, hi
> noise" questions of etemeed and erudite people such as yourself on venue's
> such as this...
> Or listen to Cranktite.. Wah-wah. and the Weekly World
> News...National Enquierer...and the Star
> And perhaps...from attitudes and opinions thus developed.... sometime in the
> future....armed with crucifixes, pitchforks. and righteous
> indignation.....storm your (ivory) castle during the dark of nite...burn!
> Transhuman....burn!!!!
> /\_/\
> /_ _ \
> \_/
> (EvMick to some)