Alex Tseng (
Mon, 27 Oct 1997 21:54:31 -0800 (PST)

Hi Micheal
Remove from the 'onthestreet' stuff
not the extropy list, anyways
nevermind,....I seem to getting the same volume,...
The best way around the ssnr thingy I figure out
so far is to read the digest first, and then
focus on one or two topics of interest
Go thru the emails, and delete off the 'stuff'
that is irrevelant,...( if really pressed for
time , I delete all the emails altogether,... !! )
and then write some of my own after I've assimulated
some good rad stuff to be publish and then it seems
more worthwhile to pursue subsequent emails from my
original email,...make sense ?! :-}
As for overall white noise pink noise multicolored
maybe extropy should consider more stringent
registration like forms to filled out listing
detailed description of prospective logger-ons...
What dya think ? Let's keep in touch Okay,...
( Sorry, would have gotten this out earlier
but the network was done ?! )
AlexTseng, Singapore

---Michael Butler <> wrote:
I think I completely understand your decision to exit
the current Extropy list. Would you mind
my letting you know if we/they ever set up something
with a better signal-to-noise ratio?

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