Re: PHYS: dyson shell thermodynamics AND META: external posters

Leevi Marttila (
28 Oct 1997 05:16:39 +0200

Wayne Hayes <> writes:


> As an aside about the "allowing external posters" thread: I'm not
> subscribed to this list, because I can't afford the time to recieve
> 50 messages a day. However, I occasionally visit the web site and
> respond to posts that way. If you only allowed posts by approved
> members of the list, I wouldn't be able to do that.
> Perhaps there should be a list of "allowed posters", separate from
> (and presumably a superset of) the list of recipients.

RedHat has solved it this way:

>From: Mike Wangsmo <>
> Donnie Barnes,
> 2. New Items
> You can now subscribe to a special place that will allow you to post
> to any of the Red Hat mailing lists, but you will not receive any
> mail. This is for folks who read our mailing lists via local special
> gateways and such. If you don't understand this or why you would need
> it, you probably don't need it at all. See the ``post-only'' list
> instructions below if you'd like to subscribe to it.
> Yes, the ``post-only'' idea does make it easier for spammers to spam
> all our lists, but it does have a subscription confirmation mechanism
> on it so we should be able to track attempts at such activity.
> o post-only
> This ``list'' is a fake list. It has no posting address, only a
> request address ( You can subscribe
> to this list and then you will be allowed to post to any of the Red
> Hat mailing lists without receiving any mail from those lists.
> This is because we do not allow posts from folks who aren't
> subscribed to the list, but frequently people want to read the list
> via local gateways and so forth and don't need to subscribe
> themselves. This way you just subscribe to ``post-only'' and you
> are allowed to post to any list.