Re: to space without rockets

Brian D Williams (
Mon, 27 Oct 1997 12:29:17 -0800 (PST) aka danny writes:

<< >What's a linear motor?

Imagine taking the coil around a regular electric motor and laying
it out flat. Instead of the motor making something go around, it
could go left to right, you could lay it out like a train track and
a magnetized train could move along it suspended and driven by the
opposing magnetic fields. This is known a a "Maglev". (for
magnetic/levitation) and was originally developed at M.I.T. in the
early sixties.

>Umm, ok, I take it you're making fun of me, trying to anyway, dumb
>example, because I dont know about the atlanteans and the earth
>expansion thing is science fact. I had this argument with yall
>once, and then another time someone said I refused to look at
>concrete evidence, well, you cant get more obvious than fitting
>together pieces like a puzzle! Im referring to how the only way
>for our continents to fit into the original land mass is for the
>earth to be 80% of the size it is today (im talking perfectly,
>otherwisethere are spaces that get larger the further you go
>towards the poles, only to be relieved if you REDUCE THE SIZE OF
>THE EARTH), I mean, HELLO?????
> There it is in front of your eyes!

I first noticed the South America/Africa fit when I was in grammar
school, and you are correct, the two were originally touching, in
fact all land was a single mass, we have named it Pangea. You are
incorrect in that there is only one way for this to be achieved.
(expansion of the earths circumference.)

South America/Africa are on two different plates (plate tectonics)
the area between them is known a a fault. The fault between these
two is in the bottom of the Atlantic now, it is known as the Mid-
Atlantic ridge, and is volcanically active. We know it is there
because of a variety of oceanographic data, and minisubs have have
visited and photographed it.

Magma from the Earths core rises at this point pushing the opposing
plates apart. You might be interested in how this was confirmed. As
the rising magma cools the iron particles in it align themselves
with the earths magnetic field, and are trapped in that orientation
when it solidifies. As you know the Earths magnetic field reverses
from time to time (10s of thousands of years) so the orientation of
the particles changes. This creates bands of particles over time.

+-+-+-+-+-+-+- -+-+-+-+-+-+-+
South America |||||||||||||| ridge |||||||||||||| Africa
-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+-

When the magnetic bands in the sea floor were checked, they formed
mirror images on either side of the Mid-Atlantic ridge!

When two plates collide they can raise up (forming mountains) or
one is pushed below the other (subduction). The area off Japan is
a huge subduction zone leading to frequent earthquakes (seismometer
needles in Japan are always moving) and increased volcanic activity
as the subducted plate, now headed for the earths core, melts.

Check your local PBS station for a series called "Planet Earth",
they do a much better job of explaining it than I do. ;)