Re: Get (a life/out more/laid/real/outta town)

Kennita Watson (
Mon, 27 Oct 1997 09:01:43 +0000

Anders Sandberg wrote:

> I agree. It is important for personal development to experience the
> sensual side of life. We are sensual beings, and most of our mental
> architecture is based on that....

Well put. You didn't mention in your message how you take care of that
side of yourself. Vigorous exercise, music, taking time to enjoy food
rather than just eating, ...?
>...I play roleplaying games, lecture
> at the young scientist association or a local highschool and discuss
> with my friends. I'm almost the archetypal nerd.

IMHO, roleplaying can offer many valuable vicarious experiences (and
social/emotional interactions as well). You can bet my characters
don't spend all their time nerding! There are kidnapped heirs to be
saved -- castles to be built -- demons to be slain! And it has to be
done in cooperation with others, and it has to be _done_, not just
argued about (I've lost characters, and entire parties, to being
ambushed, poisoned, buried, etc., because there was too much squabbling
about the next step to take -- remembering this has stood me in good
stead in real life).
> But I'm profoundly happy too....
Now *that* is what I like to hear. I think there are too many bright
(even brilliant) people out there who are angry, bitter, depressed, etc.
(and who may not realize at a level they can work with that if they
don't like feeling that way, they can change it).

> Do I really need to "get out more"? Obviously, it is a good idea to
> experience new things, to open up new areas of skill and possibility,
> but I don't see any reason why it is more valuable to move in the
> physical or social world than in the intellectual world.

Not "more" -- just "as". And I think the emotional world is as valuable
as the other three (I've seen many social people who manage to still
manage to stay aloof from their emotions -- it can be an amusing picture
or a sad one, depending on the person).

> Balance
> doesn't mean that one should devote exactly one third of one's time to
> each of these worlds, it means that one should find the right ratios
> to achieve personal satisfaction and development.

I would add: and recognize what the ratios are, and not denigrate those
who have chosen different ratios, and acknowledge the value in the
quadrants that one has decided to devote less personal attention to,
and not let any of them get *too* close to zero, lest the (dynamic)
balance be overtipped.

Kennita "I did remember to say IMHO, didn't I?" Watson