Re: earth/moon relationship is an extropian idea ?
Mon, 27 Oct 1997 06:04:27 -0500 (EST)

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<< Dear people,
I'm new to all this talk
and I have few queries,...

How does one handle 100s of mails
over a space of 3 days while handling
a full time job ?

Do you guys do your research and homework
before publishing stuff like that ?

Does your writings contribute to the
extropian ideals, and thus creating a
better world for prospective post-humans ?

Please feedback to me ASAP
before further disillusionments sets

im the one who posted it originally, my apologies, are you new and didnt read
it? I was referring to a picture i saw of the moon fit snugly inside a
triangle fit snuggly inside the earth, making a perfect relationship, and so
i turned my attention towards this list for my 'research and homework' after
not receiving any replies from two separate astronomers i emailed (still
havent actually), but it turned out to be false, pretty interesting if it
were true though dont you think? Now the attention has turned to when in the
past this relationship could have existed, since the earth has been
expanding. We're actually talking about something I dont think anyone else
has talked about before, I think its worthy of discussion. It would be nice
to have that date archived: when WAS the moon in that specific relationship
with the earth? Maybe it doesnt mean anything if it was, you could go on
forever with relationships between moons and their planets and other moons
and the sun, and im sure some interesting things would come up, and perhaps
they would have some significance, so its good to try and find out.