Re: earth/moon relationship
Mon, 27 Oct 1997 03:09:14 -0500 (EST)

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<< The mantle is less dense than the core primarily because it's made of
material. The core is solid metal, mostly iron. The mantle is rocks
like silicates and carbonates. Solid metal weighs quite a bit more those

Moving material from the core to the mantle or vice versa wouldn't change
density. It would be the same stuff. However, it would be nearly impossible
because of the weight difference. Since the stuff is molten (more or less)
the iron would just sink right back to the bottom.

Ok, thats interesting, do you know of the relationship between the inner core
and the outer core?

also, i was just about to read the most previous post before this one that
was also titled Re: earth/moon relationship, and then AOL kicked me out and I
lost it, so could someone send it to me?