Re: To space without rockets ?
Mon, 27 Oct 1997 01:01:38 -0500 (EST)

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<< Y'know, the ancient Incas also used linear motor technologies. Just
look at the Nazca Lines. All those shapes can only be seen right from
the air, so of course, they had to have flying ships of some kind, and
all those lines are clearly landing strips for the Inca art critics to
get into the air so that then could evaluate the latest works.

If you don't beleive it, yall are just repressing the technological
birthright of native americans, yall don't want to beleive that native
peoples had all this fancy stuff first but gave it up to live a more
pure primitive way, because it might infringe on yalls patent rights or

Ummm, that is actually the cool thing about those lines, that they DIDNT have
technology to see it overhead, at least anything physical (dont underestimate
the mind), of course they could have used tools to do it, such as measuring
strings. Does anyone know if those were made where trees were? That would
mess up using strings. Im not sure how thats gonna get us to space without
rockets though.