Re: TERM: quid pro con

Michael M. Butler (mbutler@comp*
Sat, 25 Oct 1997 19:34:15 -0700


Did you get my last email to you?

I can't find the earlier stuff you sent me about your filter for the
extropy list.


Sorry to be so undisciplined.

Hope you are well.


Steve Witham wrote:

> A term/pun:
> quid pro con
> The polite way people line up on prearranged "opposite sides" of a
> predefined "issue". The favor that ridiculous opponents do each
> other (e.g., the quid pro con between Democrats and Republicans,
> Communists and Capitalists, etc.). Balance of Error.
> More generally, any mutual imprisonment arrangement.
> (Reading Hakim Bey's *Immediatism*:
> There are no issues. There is no such thing as sexism, fascism,
> speciesism, looksism, or any other "franchise issue" which can be
> separated out from the social complex and treated with " discourse"
> as a "problem." There exists only the totality which subsumes all
> these illusory "issues" into the complete falsity of its discourse,
> thus rendering all opinions, pro and con, into mere thought-
> commodities to be bought and sold. And this totality is itself an
> illusion, an evil nightmare from which we are trying (through art,
> or humor, or by any other means) to awaken.
> )
> --Steve