Re: Goddard swallows Huben's line

Ian Goddard (
Sat, 25 Oct 1997 08:22:35 -0400

That subject heading is an ad hominem, an attempt
to belittle the speaker. I have not swallowed Huben's
line, I've been proposing this line since around '93,
before I read Huben. As I recall, he does not address
the moral theory, but maybe the case is the same as
his. If so, I should read up on it again and cite
him when and where I propose this again.

Further, Anton knows that putting my name in the
subject heading in an ad hominem fashion got me upset
before, leading to list fueding, but he does it again,
clearly a second initiation of ad hominem muck.

Anton Sherwood (
>You've forgotten one thing. The Washington regime did not get here
>first. It was created, by people and states with pre-existing land
>claims, and exists by virtue of a contract -- which it has broken.
>If the government doesn't like the contract which allows it to exist,
>rather than amending it by unilateral fiat (i.e. appointing judges to
>interpret that the contract couldn't possibly mean what it says), it
>should leave our land.
>A better analogy is between the government and a carpenter
>hired to repair a stairway, who once inside the house pulls a gun
>and says "This house is mine now, and if you don't like it you
>can leave."

IAN: OK, so if your going to go with the X people were
here 100 years before Y people 200+ years ago, then you
should call for the transition of power from the federal
government to a council of Native Americans, since their
great great grandparents were here with preexisting claims
BEFORE those you cite were here before the government.

Or do property rights begin only with Europeans?

Ian Williams Goddard ---> (not up yet)