Re: Gov't NOT Coercion? [Michael Lorrey]

Fireeye978 (
Fri, 24 Oct 1997 19:14:57 EDT

hi there...

in a reply to the Gov't NOT Coercion dialogue "K" wrote:
>>The outcome seemed to suggest

>>that the author believed most people will knuckle under rather than going to
the wall for

>>personal freedoms.

i think that any review of history of some depth will show that it is
certainly true that "most people will knuckle under rather than go to the

but this isn't neccasarily due to ignorance, or even fear... rather, it often
seems to be a case of the individual being to busy staying alive to notice or
care much what is happening 'round him/her until it's too late to do anything
about it...

i mean to say that my own less than stellar record of protest or resistance
stems more from lack of energy than anything else... by the time you get home
from work and feed the kids and wind the cat and put the clock out and etc.,
etc.... who's got time to draft a letter to every busybody nogoodnik that
deserves one?...

we all know that freedom takes work to get and to keep... unfortunately it
seems most of us are kept so busy existing we don't have much time or energy
or money left to fight a decent fight...

any thoughts?..thanks for listening... Fireeye