Liberty and Guns

Ian Goddard (
Fri, 24 Oct 1997 16:19:47 -0400

kristen brennan (
>I generally agree with Libertarianism in theory. But as far as I can
>tell, for it to globally replace other systems of interaction, one
>of two things would need to happen:
>1. Everyone would need to voluntarily adhere to it. But as long as there's a
>profit to be made by coercion, I believe that some people
>will always attempt to do so.
>2. Some group would need to impose Libertarianism on the world. Of course,
>this imposition would go against Libertarian values.
>This catch-22 makes me draw a parallel between communism and libertarianism:
>sounds great, if everyone adheres. But usually the only way to get everyone
>to adhere is with guns, which means fascism.
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^
>Can anyone talk me out of this?

IAN: It depends upon who owns the guns. If everyone
owns the guns, literally, then everyone will be in-
clinded to respect everybody else's rights. If all
guns are ceded to one central authority, the chances
are maximized that you'll end up with fascism, even
if the pretext of such centralization is to protect
everybody's liberty. I don't know if I can absolutely
prove that, but I have faith that it will hold true
and tends to be supported by the real-world evidence.
For example, in areas where the right to carry is
legalized, as I understand, murder and rape drops.

Did people in Hong Kong have the right own firearms?

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