Re: Gov't NOT Coercion? [Forrest Bishop]

kristen brennan (
Fri, 24 Oct 1997 11:50:22 -0700

>>Actually, I read an article by some anthropoligist

>>a year or so ago which suggested that Native Americans

>>came across the "land bridge" which now forms the tip

>>of Alaska quite a while back, migrated Southward and

>>not only displaced but completely wiped out a race

>>of PREVIOUS Native Americans.


>This appears to be the case, both on linguistic grounds and DNA

>studies. At least *four* such waves of immigration took place before

>the European invasion. Each one displaced the previous, causing it to

>move southward. The remains of the oldest wave are in South America,

>the newest in Alaska and northern Canada.

Can you suggest a URL/book/whatever where I can learn more about this?

It sounds like the smoking gun I need in several political arguments

with my nearest & dearest.



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