Re: Luddites attack genegineered crop

den Otter (
Fri, 24 Oct 1997 10:02:54 +0100

Kathryn Aegis <> wrote:
> I think that, in the light of the resurgence of this sort of direct
> sabatoge, I would like to nominate _Rebels from the Future_ for
> inclusion on the Extropian mailing list. It benefits every Extropian
> to possess a complete understanding of the origins and present state
> of the luddite/neoluddite movement.

Actually, you can tell these luddites are scum even without knowing
too much about their background and general history, methinks.
The genlabs simply need better protection, like guards that hit first
and ask questions later, or some vicious dogs. An automated perimeter
defense with squirtguns that fire a disgustingly smelling green goo that
will stick to the skin for weeks would be nice too. Poetic justice:
defeated by advanced technology. Of course abortion clinics could use
some kind of advanced defenses too, so that gun-wielding religious fanatics
can be dealt with swiftly and severely. It would be a worthy
extropian goal to help develop better (automated) defensive systems/
strategies for such vital institutions. Beats reading books IMO :)

Hodi mihi, cras tibi