Re: BASICS: Gov't NOT Coercion? [Lee Daniel Crocker]

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At 02:47 PM 10/23/97 -0700, you wrote:

>> If a landlord uses force to evict me, or even if

>> the contract says if I break his rules I go to a

>> cell in the basement, libertarian doctrine does

>> not see this as coercion, so long as I'm free

>> to leave his property.


>> The federal government is the landlord of the

>> property known as the United States. The rules

>> of the landlord must be followed or penalty

>> is effected. It is not coercion so long as

>> you are free to leave the U.S. property if

>> you have a problem with the contract.

>> [much else elided]


>Not only is the gaping flaw in this argument obvious

>to anyone with two brain cells,

Arg! Argumentum ad hominem.

>it is clear that

>you are intentionally straining to avoid the only

>issue, because you, too, know what it is: If my

>landlord wants to enforce my rental agreement, he

>can go to the offices of Golden West property

>management and retrieve a large document with my

>live signature on the bottom to show that I consented

>to his terms /before/ I moved in.

I believe US Court precident is that if party A has

enjoyed the benefits of a contract for several years

without contesting it, then party B may hold them to

the contract's constraints, even if they haven't signed it.

I'm not sure how I feel about this, but couldn't the US

make the case that American Libertarians have used government-built

highways, and enjoyed the protection of fire dept., police, etc.,

even if they haven't taken advantage of them?

>Since you clearly know that this is the issue, and

>have gone to great lengths to evade and equivocate,

I'm a bit new to the classic arguments pro/con Libertarianism.

Could you point out where you see equivocations in the previous




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