Re: Subject: "The Computer is your fiend..." -- Backdoors andTrapdoors...

Berrie Staring (
Thu, 23 Oct 1997 22:13:40 +0200

> >Anyone an opinion, does it make sense to do this ?
> >or will "they" even try harder to find out more about me.

Kennita wrote:
> They won't try too hard, but you may start finding it hard to
> get jobs, as they rely more and more on computer information about
> you ("Why haven't you been employed for the past 5 years?" "Why
> is the Social Security number you gave not registered?"). And
> the heavens help you if you try to buy a house ("We see no credit
> history registered under this information.".

Yes I agree....this is exactly why I think I shouldn't do it.

This means then that you shouldn't really care if or what
they know of you. At the other hand, if you commit a crime,
or you run for office, your a sitting duck :-)

I also already consider my computer, public domain.
If I don't want it on the net, I should use one that isn't
linked to it. I think this is the only way to be and stay
(privatly) free.



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