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> >[JBittenbinder] But the "hire and fire" rules in america are
> >good? By the way: many people in USA would like to see gun control
> >laws for their country.
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Interestingly enough we have another case of "Government Run Amok"...underway
right now...and a gun is the only thing that has kept the poor woman
alive...she fired a shotgun at the JackBootted thugs...and they are too
cowardly to attack enmasse...reckon they'll call in Janet Reno and her

WASHINGTON, DC -- The Illinois state police should quit trying
to "help" Shirley Allen -- before they kill her, the Libertarian Party

Allen is a 51-year-old widow in Roby, Illinois, who has held
authorities at bay for an entire month in what has become the longest
police standoff in state history. Police have surrounded her house and
demanded that Allen -- who they say is "strange" -- submit at gunpoint
to a psychiatric evaluation.

and more...sadly and tragicly...much more follows...

For additional information:
George Getz, Deputy Director of Communications
Phone: (202) 333-0008 Ext. 222

But I wouldn't think to much about it...when push comes to shove the
government usely does all right....