Re: earth/moon relationship

Dan Clemmensen (
Wed, 22 Oct 1997 17:54:29 -0400

> >This is not to say that all such relationships are bogus. I have a gut
> >feeling that Bode's law may have an underlying cause based on the
> >mechanics of the original solar accretion disk.
> Do you mean the disk that formed the planets? What is Bode's law? I feel
> the same way, I also believe there's a lot going on in saturn's rings, given
> the braided rings, and god knows what else. Oh, there's also high voltage
> bursts emanating from saturn that is synchronistic with a specific place on
> the ring.

Yes, the disk that formed the Sun and its planetary system. Bode's "law"
simply an observation of a relationship between the ratios of sizes of
orbits of the six classical planets and a certain nesting of platonic
solids. This observed nesting "predicts" an orbit for a planet between
Mars and Jupiter. Bode's law predates the telescope. The asteroids were
discovered after Bode's law, and the Bode's law orbit is consistent with
the mean orbit of the asteroids. Please note: This can very well all
be coincidence. However, There may be a physical explanation. Since
planetary orbits affect each other the phenomenon of orbital resonance
may have caused clumping of planetisimals as the solar accretion disk
coalesced. This clumping would not be random, but would likely cause
earlier-coalescing outer planets to pre-determine the orbits of
later-coalescing inner planets in a progression from outer to inner.
This would determine both the orbits and the sizes. I thought this up
all by my big self, but I suspect that professional astronomers have
independently dreamed this up many times in the past. We now have some
new mathematical tools to use on the problem. I have neither the time
the skill to pursue this, but it's fun to speculate. Please note: this
depends only on the known laws of physics, no devine intervention is