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22 Oct 1997 10:54:31 +0200

"Kris Ganjam" <> writes:

> On Oct 22, 9:39pm, Joao Pedro wrote:
> >One other way to cheat aging is to build a spaceship, travel fast enough
> >through space and return
> >home when a few centuries have passed on Earth while only a few years passed
> on >the spaceship! Okay, it's a bit too crazy and the resources needed would be
> >huge, not to mention the
> >technologies, but I'll try anything.
> Does angular velocity produce relativistic time dilation effects? Would it be
> possible to get your head and/or body to spin/orbit fast enough to time warp
> into the future without the centrifugal force turning it to pulp?

My guess is no, to get relativistic effects you would need huge
accelerations. I'm not 100% sure about the time dilation effects of
rotation, but they would also be inhomogenous.

Of course, using relativity to move into the future faster isn't life
extension, since you don't get more life and experiences, just spread
them out across a longer span of time as seen by an external observer.

> Are object-oriented protein languages & compilers far off?

Depends on if Eugene Leitl and the others can solve the protein
folding problem for us. :-)

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