Re: Constraints of the singualrity

Kennita Watson (
Tue, 21 Oct 1997 22:16:01 -0600

>In a message dated 97-10-21 01:41:18 EDT, you write:
><< > Like with using alternative computing resources such as using
> > brain cells to hold storage (hold storage or compute? i think both),
> > evolving our computers into the bio-spectrum.
> (sigh) Please read Nanosystems by Drexler. Please...
>(sigh) Im not going to read a whole book for that, do you know something
>relevant? then say it

Wow -- I agree with danny? Good thing this is going into an archive or
it would be lost to history :-) ...

Seriously, <whoever "you" is> (danny, could you maybe forward your
messages rather than replying them, so the rest of us know who you're
responding to?), _Nanosystems_ is a *hard* book to read, and mortals
like myself don't take it in on a slow Sunday afternoon. I can barely get
my email read in any given day/week, much less tomes of that depth and

Since I don't know anything else about the discussion, I'll leave my
comments at that.

Chill, folks -- we're on the same side!