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Brian D Williams wrote:
> (JBittenbinder)
> >[JBittenbinder] But the "hire and fire" rules in america are
> >good? By the way: many people in USA would like to see gun control
> >laws for their country.

Many people who are or are related to refugees or immigrants from
socialist states tend to feel this way because nobody ever told them
that this was the first step they allowed to happen that culminated in
the economic debacles that were the governments in those states.

Most people would like to be permanently retired as well, but we all saw
how that sort of system worked for those living in the "socialist
workers paradise". Most people who think that they want "gun control"
actually want guns to be kept away from "the other guy". They think that
they are perfectly capable of responsibly handling, and have a right to

As a freind of mine who is an intelligence consultant to one of these
formerly authoritarian states told me, a bureaucrat he knew said,"We
have a right to bear arms, but you must apply for a permit to buy a gun
first, and there is no limit on how long before we have to issue the
permit. We found that once we took away people's guns, taking their
money was real easy."

It is no accident that most of the gun control laws in european
countries were passed in the early 1930's. They were passed by
legislatures dominated by local nazi parties and their allies (a dirty
little secret in europe: most european countries had very active nazi
parties in the 30's, which simply changed their names to Socialist Party
or Democratic Socialist Party, etc after the war). It is also no
accident that a)the US has the most liberal gun control laws and b) over
the past 50 years the US has been the only country without serious
communist political or military insurgencies. Most everybody else has
been under a state of martial law of one kind or another at one time or
another, or given in completely to authoritarian controls.

> Just for the record, there are over 20,000 gun laws in the U.S.
> already.

Yes, and most of the early ones are almost word for word translations of
gun control laws passed by Nazi Germany in the 30's.

Its funny how the biggest proponents of gun control (Gun Control, Inc.,
Sarah Brady's little gestapo) commissioned a couple of U of Chicago
profs to do a study of FBI crime stats from between 1979 to 1992 to
examine the effect of "right to carry" concealed weapons liberalization
laws in a number of states in the early 90's. The profs found that
states with such laws saw an average 8% drop in violent crime rates
after such laws were passed, while states with no such laws had little
or no change. Needless to say GCI canned the profs and hired other
people to cherry pick the data in ways that would support their
previously determined conclusions.

The American psych (head shrinkers) association (whatever it is called)
also has found that the irrational fear of guns is a recognized mental
disorder. Well, at least we know that these sick people have no need of
help from the Americans with Disabilities Act, they already are in

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